​​Our Respite Services Include:

In-Home Respite:
This allows the care to be provided in the home environment to which the individual is accustomed. In-Home Respite can assist a family member of an individual with special needs in providing quality care at home.

Outdoor Respite:

  • Participation in community activities
  • Arts and creative dramatics
  • Music and dance
  • Sports – including bowling
  • Day camp/ Social programs

After School Respite:
After-school programs that are well designed and geared towards expanding learning opportunities for all students.





Respite Care for You and Your Family

How can you tell if your family could benefit from respite care?

  • Are you concerned that in the event of a family emergency, there is no one with whom you may feel secure about leaving your loved ones?

  • Would you be comfortable with a trained respite care provider that is knowledgeable about your child’s needs and able to provide services to him or her?

  • Can you use a little break once in a while to help reduce your level of stress and provide some physiological rest?

If you answer "Yes" to any of these questions, you and your family can benefit from Inclusive Links Respite Care Services!

Can You Benefit?

Services Available in: 

The Bronx, Manhattan, and Queens, NY

​​Respite Care Services provides temporary relief from the demands of caregiving, helping to reduce the overall stress and meet the needs of loved ones with special needs.

Respite Care enables family members to keep appointments, meet planned or emergency needs, and allows family members to spend a relaxed evening away.


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