It takes a team of dedicated individuals to make sure our services are reaching out to every family in our community. 
We're fortunate to have some of the best caregivers dedicating their time, energy, and expertise to our cause.

About Us

Inclusive Links is a nonprofit corporation that provides respite care and Medicaid service coordination for individuals with developmental disabilities.


We hold ourselves accountable for the effective measures that honor our commitment to develop, promote, and provide valued outcomes that meet the changing needs of people with disabilities.


Inclusive Link's vision is what the organization inspires to be-a the lead resource agency for people with disabilities. Based on the fundamental principle of ensuring an inclusive environment for individuals with disabilities. It is the touchstone of all our activities, programs, daily operations, and we communicate in a way that directly reinforces them.

Values and Ideas that Guide Us

  • Our values encompass an inclusive environment for people – that regardless of background, ability, personal prowess, disability, each individual is allowed to grow, participate in choosing the best options for them. 


  • Within our intent, is a deep commitment to lessen the barriers or detours in achieving personal goals by individuals, as a result of their disability. That regardless of their personal limitations, each individual should be inclusive in all the resources that the community has to offer, be valued, and a contributing member to the community. 

Self Determination

  • Services must be responsive to the needs of the individual. All people must have the right to direct their future. They must have a right to exert influence over the resources that support them and they should be actively involved in all aspects of planning and service delivery.


  • Our professionals are highly accountable to the individuals that we serve. We must create meaningful relationships and link those we serve with needed supports, remove barriers, and develop safety networks and not forgetting who is in charge.

Dignity and Respect

  • We will always use the language and words that create an environment of dignity, respect, and valued identities for the people we support and their families.

  • Cultural Competence Cultural competence determines our world and provides a general design for living and patterns for interpreting reality that is reflected in our behaviors.

  • Therefore, services should be culturally competent and be provided by individuals who have the skills to recognize, understand, and be respectful of the history, race, ethnic origin, beliefs, practices of any particular group of people.

Community Connection

  • Inclusive Links sustains a deep-rooted connection with the individuals and communities we serve.


  • The community connection has to be one in which it has ownership and influence in our organization


  • The family participates as a full partner in all stages of the decision-making planning process, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation.

​Mission Driven to Meet the Needs of Individuals With Disabilities