Our service coordination includes:
•Assisting individuals and families in developing, implementing and monitoring an Individualized Service Plan (ISP) that identifies their needs and goals
•Setting goals in the pursuit of greater independence, individuality, inclusion and productivity
•Ensuring that decisions are made on behalf and from the perspective of the individuals in care
•Providing a variety of options, opportunities, and resources for supports and services and helping individuals get those that are needed and/or desired


Our Respite Services Includes:
In Home Respite:
This allows the care to be provided in the home environment in which the individual is accustomed to. In - Home Respite can assist family member of individual with special need in providing quality care at home.
Outdoor Respite:
Participation in community activities such as --
​Arts and creative dramatics
Music and dance
Sports – including bowling
Day camp /weekend camp Recreational / social programs.
Educational Respite:
After school programs on weekdays and some scheduled for Saturdays. The educational activities are well designed and geared towards expanding learning opportunities and addressing academic needs.

​Respite Care Services provides temporary relief from the demands of caregiving, which helps reduce the overall stress and better meet the needs of a loved one with special needs.

Respite Care enables  family members to keep appointments, meet planned or emergency needs, and enables family members to spend a relaxed evening away.

Mission Driven to Meet the  Needs of Individuals with Special Needs

Inclusive Links believes that for families and caregivers of individuals with special needs, intensive support services should be of high importance. This is where we come in, through a continuum of integrated community based services in Respite Care that provides greater optimism about caring for your loved one.
Medicaid Service Coordination

Respite Care

Medicaid Service Coordinators develop and implement individualized plans for success based on the desires, interests, and needs of the people we serve.
Many of the services needed by individuals with disabilities are funded through Medicaid. These services include medical, mental health and therapy services, housing, employment assistance, assistance with daily living, habitation services (training in activities for daily living and socialization skills) respite services.

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