Churchill received a Master’s Degree in Special Education from Touro College New York. He has a Bachelors Degree in Economics. He is very well involved with impactful measures that support our families. He believes that for Inclusive Links, the level of commitment of our professionals is what makes the difference. As such, our purpose and values must be in line with the community and individuals we serve. 

He brings to the role an extensive knowledge of the organization’s inner workings and infrastructure.  Churchill has been a proactive advocate and steward for individuals with disabilities.  He is proud and inspired by the flexibility, resilience, courage, caring heart, and enormous contributions of the Inclusive Links family. Churchill believes that it is our priority to always support every member of the Inclusive Links family, in caring out this important endeavor.  He is optimistic about a higher level of service for individuals with disabilities. Inclusive Links continues to create changes that clear the path to helping people with developmental disabilities live a more fulfilling life in our community. 


Churchill Egone

Chief Executive Officer of Inclusive Links. 

Who Are We

 Inclusive Links  -  Driven to Meet the Needs of Individuals with Disabilities